How Do You Open a Command Prompt?


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Open the Command Prompt from within the Start menu in Windows 7 or with shortcut keys in Windows 8. You need to sign in to your user account and have Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 installed on your computer to begin.

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  1. Log in to your user account

    Power on your computer, and log in to your user account. Wait for your version of Windows to load.

  2. Access the Start menu

    Click the Start button on the Windows task bar to reveal the Start menu. You can also access this menu by simultaneously pressing the hot keys "Win" and "S" in Windows 7.

  3. Locate the Command Prompt

    With the Windows 7 Start menu open, click All Programs, and hover your cursor over Accessories. Next, click Command Prompt from the list. Alternatively, type "command" in the Start menu search field, and click Command Prompt. In Windows 8.1, right-click the Start button in desktop view, and select Command Prompt from the Power User Menu. You can also use the hot keys "Win" and "X" to access this menu.

  4. Close Command Prompt

    After you have finished using Command Prompt, click the X button on the window. Alternatively, type "exit" in Command Prompt, and press Enter.

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