How Does Ooma Work?

How Does Ooma Work?

Ooma is a replacement option for the landline phone that uses Voice over Internet Protocol. For the Ooma system to work, the user needs to have a high-speed Internet connection and a regular home landline phone. Register the Ooma device online to get a new phone number.

To retain the original phone number, users should not disconnect the current phone service. Users may choose a new temporary number for the Ooma service and submit a request to Ooma to port the current number to the Ooma service. Once the porting of the number is complete, they can cancel the old phone service.

To set up the Ooma voice mail, a user must press the play button on the device. It launches the setup wizard. The user then follows the prompted instructions on the wizard to set up the voice mail. Users may hang up the phone once the message is complete.

If the Ooma device blinks red, it is an indication of a new message received. The user presses the play button on the device and enters the security personal identification number if the device prompts for it. The voice mail begins to play through the speakers. To listen to the messages in private, users can pick up the handset.

Pressing the Send to Voice Mail button stops Ooma from playing the message and marks it as read. Pressing the Trash button deletes the message. Pressing the Skip button skips a message, and users can press the Rewind button to return to the beginning of the message or the Fast-forward button to skip to the next.