What Are Some Free Online Virus Scan Services?

What Are Some Free Online Virus Scan Services?

AVG, Kaspersky Lab, Avast Software and Panda Security offer free online virus scan services. Norton by Semantic offers a free 30-day trial offer, after which a charge is assessed.

Individuals can access the AVG virus scan by clicking the Free Download link on the AVG.com homepage and then clicking Free Download again on the landing page. AVG's free virus scan service includes blocking spyware, viruses and other malware. Individuals can also scan and remove personal computer viruses using a cell phone.The service is available for Android and MAC computers as well.

Kapersky Labs offers a Free Virus Scan link at the top of the Kaspersky.com homepage. The Kaspersky virus scan service provides security status reporting and scans for malware. The free version does not provide protection against viruses.

The free Avast virus service is available by clicking the Go to Download link on the Avast.com homepage. Avast's free virus service provides virus and malware protection, password recognition and assistance with eliminating unwanted browser extensions.

The virus scan offered by Panda Security is available by clicking Free Download on the PandaSecurity.com home page. The free service uses behavioral analysis protection to provide web and URL filtering.

Individuals can access the free trial offered by Norton by Semantic online at Norton.com by clicking the Free Trials link at the top of the home page, followed by the Free Trial link under the Norton Security Premium heading. Norton's free virus scan and protection trial is part of an inclusive package.