What Are Some Online Stopwatch Websites?

What Are Some Online Stopwatch Websites?

Find online stopwatches on sites such as Online-Stopwatch.com, TimeAndDate.com, OnlineClock.net and Online-Timers.com, as of 2015. Each site provides a tool that enables time tracking for a custom time range, with some also allowing for the comparison of several intervals.

Online-Stopwatch.com features a wide array of timers in addition to its online stopwatch program, which consists of a digital clock interface, a start button and a reset button. Once the clock begins, the start button turns into a pause button. It is also possible to view the clock in a full screen mode.

TimeAndDate.com features a stopwatch that supports individual lap tracking through the use of a split button, which marks the current time and resets the clock while creating a record of each interval. It is possible to add a custom name for each interval, delete a single entry in the list and view the full date for each split.

OnlineClock.net also offers a time-splitting feature that enters the lap time for each entry below the main time. It is possible to stop the timer and restart it at any point. The site also features tools with different layouts -- to highlight different aspects of the timer -- and stopwatches with audio alerts.

Online-Timers.com features a stopwatch tool that operates multiple timers independently of each other. Though the tool does not offer interval tracking on individual timers, it does allow users to set up to 32 different timers and reset them all at once.