What Are Online Sources for Lists of Only High Protein Foods?


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Health and fitness websites such as Bodybuilding.com, AuthorityNutrition.com and Shape.com host articles that list high protein foods for bodybuilding, nutrition and general fitness. For those with dietary restrictions, Diabetes.org recommends high protein foods for diabetics, while Health.com provides lists of protein sources for vegetarians and vegans.

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What Are Online Sources for Lists of Only High Protein Foods?
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Bodybuilding.com offers lists of high protein food with an emphasis on bodybuilding and muscle gain, while Shape.com focuses heavily on women's general health and fitness. AuthorityNutrition.com claims to take a more evidence-based approach to ranking foods, because factors such as typical portion sizes matter in practice. For a more detailed look at how high protein foods can be ranked when considering the food as a whole, The Canadian Food Inspection Agency publishes a list of foods ranked by Protein Rating, a metric that takes several aspects of food and protein quality into account.

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