What Are Some Online Services Available From the Microsoft Fix It Solution Center?


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As of January 2016, the Microsoft F?x It Solution Center is no longer available. Trying to access its homepage redirects the user to Microsoft's new support database. The database offers helpful support articles about Windows operating systems, Lumia devices, Microsoft hardware, Microsoft software and various Web applications. The support center also allows users to ask questions of other Microsoft users, contact the Microsoft answer desk and download helpful programs.

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You can either use the search box at the top or browse the support database to find solutions to your problems. To browse the database manually, click on a Microsoft product from the list and select a category. You can then select an exact problem to see its solution.

If the database does not have the solution, click Ask The Community above the icons for Microsoft products. Then, select a category and click Ask The Community on the right. In addition to users, Microsoft employees may also answer your question.

Alternatively, you can use the support center to contact Microsoft directly. Click Contact Answer Desk on the homepage, select a category and specify your exact problem. You can then either have a Microsoft employee call you as soon as possible, schedule a call or chat online. The chat feature works through your Internet browser and does not require additional software.

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