What Online Resources Does Connexus Academy Offer?

Connexus Academy offers online learning tools for students, teachers, parents and administrators. The Connexus platform provides daily and monthly schedules, assignments, lessons and grade books, all accessible online through Connexus' virtual platform. Additionally, Connexus offers communication tools such as webmail and message boards so that students and teachers can communicate electronically, 24 hours a day.

All Connexus Academy students have a customized home page that allows them to access their calendars, assignments, mail and message boards, in addition to being able to participate virtually in clubs and activities. Parents also have a personalized home page where they can adjust their children's learning schedules and monitor progress. Parents may also communicate with teachers and other families through the site.

Teachers and administrators can use the Connexus system to provide live online lessons, track the progress of their students and grade assignments. They can also communicate with their students, learning coaches and parents. Administrators can use the system to monitor instructional effectiveness and student progress.

Another tool of the Connexus Academy is the Virtual Library, which contains curriculum resources and information for both students and parents. The library allows students to get involved in activities and projects, and it publishes monthly newsletters, calendars and handbooks. The Virtual Library contains a stockpile of educational websites that students and parents can access for free.