Are There Any Online Pony Makers?

online-pony-makers Credit: Sharon Vos-Arnold/Moment/Getty Images

Some free online pony makers are the 3D Pony Creator by PonyLumen, General Zoi's Pony Creator and Hasbro's Pop PonyMaker game. Pop PonyMaker is also 3D, while General Zoi's Pony Creator is 2D. The pony maker appeals to small children, but an older child or adult needs to operate them.

All of the pony makers let users choose every aspect of the pony's looks: face shape and features; body color, height, roundness and proportions; and shape and colors of the mane and tails. Users can add a horn, wings and a "cutie mark" that is like a tattoo. The pony can have accessories such as glasses and headgear, with many choices for each accessory.

In the PonyLumen version, almost every part of the pony's pose is adjustable, and it can move in several different ways. Users choose a background scene for the pony. The finished pony's picture is downloadable. General Zoi has pre-defined poses that users can customize, and the created ponies are exportable.

Hasbro's game, based on My Little Pony, lets the user design each side of the pony separately. It is possible to create multiple ponies and place them together in a background scene.