How Do You Have an Online Meeting?

How Do You Have an Online Meeting?

To conduct an online meeting, every participant should sign up and use the same audio and video web conferencing tool. The exact process depends on the chosen online meeting tool.

Several tools allow users to share their screens, transfer files and collaborate on documents. Platforms such as GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts and TeamViewer allow you to communicate and collaborate online with several people at once.

GoToMeeting is a popular paid tool used by enterprises and individuals to host online meetings. It includes HD video conferencing, desktop sharing and mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. The process is as simple as installing the GoToMeeting program on a PC or Mac and starting the meeting with a single click.

Google Hangouts is a widely used platform for video conferencing. It can host meetings for up to 15 people, and participants can join using their desktop or mobile devices. The platform encrypts audio and video streams to secure the meeting's content. Hangouts On Air is a feature that allows users to broadcast their meetings publicly to an unlimited number of viewers.

TeamViewer is a quick and user-friendly free software for hosting online meetings. It allows users to schedule meetings in advance and email all attendees with the required access code and the date and time of the meeting.