What Are Some Online Korean Markets?

What Are Some Online Korean Markets?

Examples of online Korean markets are buyKOREA.org, Gmarket.co.kr, YesStyle.com, KOODING.com and koaMart.com. The markets deal with products ranging from clothing, electronics, cosmetics, machinery, foods and furniture. Most of these sites also cater to overseas customers.

As a business-to-business e-marketplace, buyKOREA connects worldwide buyers with Korean suppliers and supports services such as product search, online transactions, shipping and even online video meetings between businessmen. KOTRA, or the Korea Trade Promotion Corporation, is the body that operates buyKOREA.

A brand of eBay Korea, Gmarket is an e-commerce marketplace that has been in operation since 2000. It is also available in English and Chinese languages to cater to customers in other regions. Its categories of products include sport apparel, household supplies, appliances and foods.

As a Korean food online superstore, koaMart.com is a division of Sky Earth Tree Incorporation that has been in operation since 2004. It provides ingredients, food, and groceries for Korean and other Asian cuisines. Additionally, it sells restaurant table buzzer systems and kitchenware.

YesStyle is an online retailer of Korean products such as clothing, shoes, bags, accessories and beauty products. Launched in July 2006, it has sister websites such as YesStyle.com.au, YesStyle.co.uk, YesStyle.ca and YesStyle.com.hk in other key regions.