How Do You Find an Online IPhone 4s User Manual?


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To find an online iPhone 4s user manual, go to Apple.com, click Support from the top menu of the home page, and then select iPhone from the list of Apple products. On the new page, click Manuals at the left-hand side of the screen under the iPhone Support category.

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On the Manuals page, browse the list of available manuals for iPhones and select iPhone 4s. Click the Load More Results button, if the iPhone 4s user manual does not appear in the displayed search results. Alternatively, to access the Manuals page from the home page of the Apple website, click Support, scroll to the bottom of the page, and then click Manuals under the Resources menu.

You can also click on the magnifying lens icon at the top-right corner of the Apple website, type “iPhone 4s manuals” into the search box, and then hit Enter. Browse through the list of available manuals, and choose your desired version.

Most user manuals on the Apple website come in PDF format for easier viewing and downloading. A web link appears under a specific user manual, and displays the viewing options such as iBooks, web pages, or PDF format. Click on the Web link to read the selected user manual online.

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