What Are Some Online Exchange Stores?

What Are Some Online Exchange Stores?

The Exchange, also known as the Army and Air Force Exchange Service, is the online storefront for the largest retail exchange store for soldiers, airmen and military employees as well as their families and retirees. It is well known for its locations on and around military bases, its large selection and discounts given to military professionals.

On the online store of the Exchange, users are allowed to order most of its retail items and still have the full military discount. Its items include clothing, food, jewelry and appliances.

The Navy Exchange, or NEX, also operates an online storefront in addition to its retail locations on Navy bases. Similar to the Army and Air Force Exchange, it offers electronics, home items, clothing and shoes. Uniforms are also sold here, as this is where they are obtained for active-duty Navy personnel.

The Coast Guard Exchange operates a storefront as well. Its selection is smaller, and unlike other exchange stores, only those who are registered with the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System, such as current Coast Guardians and Auxiliarists, are allowed to browse the store.

The Marine Corps Exchange has a website with some limited information about what is available in its stores. However, it does not offer an online storefront; instead, it directs browsers to the Army and Air Force Exchange Service website.