What Are Some Free Online Databases for Individual Use?

What Are Some Free Online Databases for Individual Use?

Some of the free online databases include Grubba, Obvibase, FlexLists, Sodadb, Myezapp and Kohezion. All these databases are free with limited storage capacities available online. The databanks allow users to import their information from local storage, such as MS Access or MS Excel.

Users of the Grubba free online database app can build and begin managing their own tailored online databank in just a few minutes. The app is functional for both home and office use. Grubba can serve as an open source alternative for Filmmaker Pro and MS Access.

Obvibase is a free and simple-to-create online database that is accessible from anywhere. Obvibase has a simple and clean design with multiple-choice dropdowns, tables nested in cells, checkboxes and default values. Obvibase allows a user to attach files to database records. Obvibase is completely free for personal use.

FlexLists is a free online database that allows users to develop a simple database of anything they want, with every field they need. The list created may be shared with others. Users can also invite others to edit their lists or choose to keep the lists for private use.

Sodadb is a simple, free online database that comes with the bare necessities. Myezapp is a free, user-friendly online database that requires only basic technical skills to develop. All the free online databases have a maximum storage capacity set for every user.