What Are Some Online Courses for Learning C Programming?

What Are Some Online Courses for Learning C Programming?

Lynda.com, Udemy.com, Learn-C.org and Alison.com offer C programming language courses online, as of 2016. Courses are available for beginner, intermediate and advanced programmers, and tuition fees vary.

Lynda.com offers training courses in a number of fields, including programming languages. LinkedIn owns the site, and users log in with their LinkedIn user IDs and passwords. The website offers a comprehensive video introduction to C course. Users watch videos and write, compile and save their own programs. The course is designed for new C programmers or those seeking a better understanding of the C language.

Udemy.com is a training website offering more than 35,000 courses, including C programming. The C language course includes eight hours of video and 72 lectures. The course is designed for beginners or programmers switching to C from a different programming language. Udemy.com charges a fee for its courses and offers a 30-day money back guarantee. Students have lifetime access to course materials and may access the course from IOS, desktop or Android devices.

Learn-C.org offers free C programming courses. Each tutorial features a different step in the coding process with a web based compiler to test the code at the end of the lesson. Learn-C.org is primarily focused toward users who already have some coding experience and does not offer a lot of detail in its tutorials.

Alison.com offers free certification in the C language. The C course runs between 10 and 15 hours, and consists of 16 modules with four assessments. Students must score 80 percent or higher on all assessments to earn a diploma. Users log on to Alison.com with their Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Yahoo or Windows Live user IDs and passwords.