How do online antivirus scanners compare to conventional antivirus programs?


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Online scanners differ from downloaded antivirus programs in terms of the services and features they offer. Scanners are generally used as an extension or add-on feature to check whether or a not a computer has received any malicious software online, but may not offer any way to fix the problems. The programs that do offer fixes are the complete antivirus programs.

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Some online programs include software, such as Bitdefender QuickScan and BullGuard Online Scanner. Before either one of these programs are used, each one downloads an active X program. The scanners are used through their respective websites and both programs are incapable of fixing the problematic files. However, each program does offer alternatives or full-fledged software that can fix the problems.

Full antivirus protection software has several different tools that can be used to scan, clean and protect a computer. In fact, many scanners advertise their complete programs, which often include a scanner, firewall and clean up software.

The scanners are slightly different and offer "full system scans," as opposed to "quick scans." Full system scans take longer, but tend to find more infected files. The cleanup software is used to either quarantine, erase or reject and malicious files. While the firewall helps prevent any troublesome files from entering into the computer in the first place.

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