What Is One Way to Fix Sound on a Computer?


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For a computer running on windows, follow Microsoft's step-to-step guide to ensure the drivers of the computer are working and the recommended sound card is in place. Different types of computers have different operating system requirements in the sound hardware.

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First, run the audio playback troubleshooter. This is in the hardware menu in the control panel to identify the root of the problem. Next, check the device manager in the sound category to see if a sound card is available. If it is not there, install a sound card because for a sound card to function, it has to have a compatible working driver.

Check the volume of the system, too. A muted the system can cause lack of sound output from the speakers. Click the sound icon on your task bar then click mixer to check if the device sounds are at a minimum. Also, check if any sound device is in the earphone jack, in this case, sound may be coming from the device plugged in rather than the speakers.

If the above steps do not work, check for support information from the hardware manufacturer’s website. The manufacturer may have solutions as to why the hardware is not responding accordingly.

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