How Does One Use a Nikon Coolpix Camera?


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The Nikon Coolpix camera requires that you purchase a memory card for storing photos and AA-batteries to power the camera. You can take pictures by pressing down on the round silver button on the top right end of the camera.

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The type of memory card that you purchase depends on the number of pictures you will be taking, as well as whether you hope to record video. If you are using the camera only for pictures, an 8 GB card is sufficient. Because of the more significant memory requirements of video, you should purchase a 16 GB card if you hope to use your camera for filming. The Coolpix camera films in High Definition video, which makes the memory requirements even higher. Insert the batteries through the bottom of the camera. To record video, press the round red button on the back of the camera, located above the viewfinder. To access the camera's additional options, including lighting and focus, press the MENU button on the back, to the right of the viewfinder. The leftmost side of the camera includes an HDMI Out and USB port. Connecting your camera by USB to your computer lets you export your video and pictures.

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