How Does One Turn Off the Touchpad on Their Laptop Using Windows 7?


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The touchpad can be turned off on a laptop using Windows 7 by using the device manager and selecting the devices and printers category, selecting mouse and disabling it. There are other ways to disable the touchpad as well.

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Some laptops have a switch on the physical laptop that will turn off the touchpad. Other laptops may have an icon at the bottom right of the screen that can be selected to turn the touchpad on and off.

The most common way to turn off the touchpad, however, is to access the touchpad options through the device manager. The device manager can be found by going to the start button at the bottom left of the screen. Selecting the start button will bring up a menu of multiple buttons.

The device manager can be found by typing the phrase into the search bar, if the start menu has one, or by selecting the control panel and accessing the device manager through there. Once the device manager has been accessed, one should then go to the devices and printer category and then select the mouse button. This may bring up a pop up window with certain settings, including the option to disable the touchpad.

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