How Does One Set up a Cisco Wireless Router?

How Does One Set up a Cisco Wireless Router?

To set up a Cisco router, first make the necessary hardware connections. Connect the router to the computer with the included blue serial cable. Connect the RJ45 connector to the console port of the router and the DB9 connector to the serial port of the computer.

Switch on the computer, and start a terminal emulator session. Configure the settings to 9600 baud, one stop bit, eight data bits and no parity bit. Power-up the router, and boot it. The emulator screen should display the Cisco boot messages.

Select the Yes option to enter the initial configuration. To enter the basic management setup, select the Yes option again. The actual configuration process starts here. Type in the identification host name for the router, and then at the successive prompts, type in the enable secret and an enable password. Next, enter a terminal password, and then to enable the Simple Network Management Protocol, enter "yes" at the respective SNMP command prompt.

Enter the SNMP community string, and then select the Fast Ethernet interface that requires configuring. Copy the text as in the list, and accept all the default settings until prompted for the Internet Protocol address. The router displays the configuration details after the user enters the IP address and the subnet mask. Save and exit the setup.

After completing the configuration setup, connect the Cisco router to the network to start using it.