How Does One Report Fraud on EBay?

How Does One Report Fraud on EBay?

Report cases of fraud on eBay to your local police department by contacting the department on its non-emergency phone line. Ensure that the case is a matter of fraud before reporting it.

  1. Attempt to solve the issue on eBay

    Contact the seller directly through the Resolution Center if your order's estimated delivery date has passed. If the seller does not reply to you within three business days, bring a customer service representative into the issue by using the Ask Us button on the page of the message.

  2. Gather relevant evidence

    If fraud is confirmed, gather evidence prior to contacting the police. Print out copies of the order that display the date and time the transaction took place. Ensure that the print out displays the seller's name or seller ID. Print out private messages and emails exchanged with the seller. Print out a copy of the transaction from PayPal if applicable.

  3. Contact the police

    Call the non-emergency phone number of your local police department. Alternatively, determine if the police department has an online solution for reporting non-emergency crimes. Provide your evidence to the police, as well as any additional information that the department requires. Wait for the police to make a decision on the investigation.