How Does One Register Bose Headphones?

How Does One Register Bose Headphones?

All Bose headphones can be registered online through the Bose product registration page. The webpage lists all of Bose's products, including its headphones. To register headphones and receive software updates from Bose, the customer has to select the specific model from the list and fill out the registration form.

  1. Go to the Bose product registration page

    Access the Bose product registration page from the website. The webpage provides a complete list of products, and a customer can easily select his product from the list.

  2. Select the product

    All Bose headphones are listed under the "headphones and headsets" section. Select the specific headphone model from the list to continue with the registration process.

  3. Find the serial number of the product

    The serial number for each product is a unique code provided by Bose to identify the exact product. The serial number for Bose headphones is usually imprinted on the product itself. Find this number, as it is needed for registration.

  4. Register the product

    Fill out all the necessary fields of the registration form along with the serial number and the date of purchase. The date of purchase, if forgotten, can be found on the original receipt. After all the required information is provided, click on the "register my product" button.