How Does One Print 3x5 Index Cards?

The easiest way to print 3x5 index cards is to purchase sheets of heavy paper that are perforated in 3x5 blocks. Another option is to print the information on large labels, then stick the labels on individual index cards.

Most printers cannot print directly onto individual 3x5 index cards. The cards are too small to be pulled through the printer, and oftentimes the font in the document itself cannot be easily formatted to print on a single card. There are ways to work around the issue.

One of the easiest ways to print 3x5 index cards is for the consumer to purchase printer-sized sheets of perforated index cards. Then all he or she has to do is find a template that allows formatting of the document or information into blocks of text that fit on the 3x5 space. Normally the package of paper has information as to what template should be used. A good rule of thumb is to print a test page on a plain sheet of copy paper to ensure the document is formatted correctly.

Another way to get information onto 3x5 index cards is to use a sheet of labels. The most appropriate label size for index cards is 2" x 4". Once the information has been printed onto the labels, the user simply has to apply the label to an index card.