Where Does One Find Pictures Stored on a Tablet?


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The specific methods for finding photos on a tablet vary according to its operating system, but most systems feature a special app that allows the owner to view all images saved on the device. It may be possible to view the photos from the camera app and certain additional apps.

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To locate the photos stored on an Apple iPad tablet, open the Photos app. This displays all the images on the device's Camera Roll, which is the default storage location for any image taken on the tablet's camera or saved from the Web. It is also possible to view the photos through the Camera app by tapping the Camera Roll link from within the app itself. Similarly, Windows tablets such as the Surface store images taken with the camera on the Camera Roll, which is also accessible from the Camera app. Swipe from the side of the Camera app to view the images in the Camera Roll, or open the Photos, File Explorer or One Drive app.

Accessing photos on an Android tablet such as a Nexus 7 involves a similar process, though its photo-viewing app is called the Gallery. Users can access photos through its Camera app by tapping the Gallery button. It is also possible to view the images on any of these devices by connecting them to a computer.

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