How Does One Paste Something Using a Keyboard?

How Does One Paste Something Using a Keyboard?

Use a quick two-key shortcut on a keyboard to duplicate highlighted text or a picture within a document, or to move the content from one document to another. Highlight the content, then use the Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V keys to copy and paste.

  1. Highlight the text or picture

    Place the cursor at the start of the text that you wish to paste in another area. Hold the left mouse button while dragging the cursor over the text to highlight it, then release the left mouse button when the end of the selected text is reached. Highlight a photo using the mouse in the same way if required.

  2. Copy the text or picture

    Press Ctrl+C to copy the highlighted text or picture into the system's memory.

  3. Paste the text or picture

    Move the cursor to the location where the picture needs to be pasted. Press the left mouse button to set the location on the page. Press CTRL+V to paste the text or picture in the new location.