How Does One Hook up an Equalizer in a Car Stereo?

Hooking up an equalizer in a car stereo involves hooking up an RCA patch, connecting the equalizer’s output to the amplifiers’ RCA inputs and connecting the equalizers to the receivers. Hooking up an equalizer requires its output be sent to an outboard amplifier. A good equalizer allows users to adjust the specific frequency bands to the desired setting.

Hooking up of the RCA patch requires using the stereo cables and male connectors. One must connect the equalizer’s outputs to the RCA inputs of the amplifier. The number of cables required varies according to the number of amps in the system. Most cases require at least two to three cables to connect the equalizer to the amplifiers’ inputs.

The next step involves hooking up the equalizer to a 12-volt source. The connection is made with the same power connections used to connect the amplifiers and the receiver. The equalizer’s yellow wire must be connected to constant power that is not affected by switching off the ignition.

The final step is splicing the wires by removing the insulation from the end of each wire before soldering them together. The equalizer’s blue lead must be connected to the receiver’s blue wire. It helps to turn on the equalizer when the receiver is switched on.