How Does One Disable the GPS Tracking on a Phone?

How Does One Disable the GPS Tracking on a Phone?

To disable GPS tracking on a cellphone or smartphone, the user accesses the "Setting" menu in the phone, then locates the "Location" or "Security" tab and checks or taps "Disable GPS," though the precise procedure varies based on the phone's make and model. When a phone's GPS tracking is disabled, the phone cannot locate nearby businesses or communicate to other devices where the phone is located.

Disabling the GPS tracking feature on a phone is not permanent. The user can enable the feature at any time.

Step 1: Access the phone's menu

On most smartphones, the menu is accessed via a button on the home screen or by a side button on the phone. The menu consists of a list of applications and other features.

Step 2: Find the GPS menu

From the main menu, the user should locate the "Settings tab," then look for a section labeled "Security," "Location" or "Privacy Settings." The language varies from one phone to the next. On many Android phones, for example, this section is called "Location and Security." In this section are the "GPS Settings" or "Location Settings."

Step 3: Disable GPS tracking

The user should uncheck the box next to "GPS Tracking" or "Location Access." This prevents the phone from transmitting the user's location or finding other places based on GPS access.