How Do You Find Old Classmates for Free?

Find old classmates for free on websites such as, Facebook and LinkedIn. These social networking sites all allow former classmates to connect with one another, and basic service on the sites is free. is the largest alumni site online, featuring millions of registered users. Unlike other social networking sites, is intended specifically to help old school friends connect online. After signing up for a free membership, users can create and edit profiles, add their names to school alumni lists, post and view photos albums and communicate with former classmates. The site allows free messaging, but users who want to obtain personal information such as email addresses must sign up for paid membership.

As one of the largest social networking sites online, Facebook is another useful tool to find former classmates. Often, it’s enough to simply enter an old friend’s name into the site’s search box and browse through the results. Facebook displays users with mutual friends first, so old schoolmates are likely to pop up. Alternately, users can browse through networks of old schools to look for other classmates.

LinkedIn is one of the largest social networks for professionals, and the site also allows users to search for former classmates for free. The site’s search engine allows users to search and browse former schools and view listings of alumni. The site emphasizes higher education, so LinkedIn is not as useful for finding former high school classmates.