Where Are the Official EMule Server Lists?


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EMule's official site does not maintain its own server lists, but it does recommend websites that host compatible eDonkey 2000 server lists. These sites include TheDonkeyNetwork.com, Peerates.net and Gruk.org.

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Using eMule is not inherently illegal; it only becomes illegal when downloading or sharing copyrighted files. Because eMule is open-source software that allows users to input their own servers, it is not responsible for the content that its users share. Using eMule to download illegal content may open users to civil or criminal penalties. EMule suggests that users browse its content database to find legal downloads.

EMule is not an anonymous file sharing service. Its users' IP addresses are visible, and the developers state that it is not technically feasible to hide this information. This means that illegal content on the service can be tied to the user who downloads it.

There are numerous versions of eMule released by different companies. Since it is free and open source, anyone who wants to release a version of eMule may do so. The original version of eMule is free and contains no adware or spyware, but other developers are free to charge for their implementations of eMule. Third-party implementations of the software may also come bundled with other applications, including adware.

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