Who Offers the Cheapest Unlimited Data Plan?


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As of 2015, Republic Wireless offers the cheapest unlimited data plan. Republic currently charges $25 per month for unlimited data, along with unlimited talk and text. The next lowest plan is offered by Virgin Mobile at $35 per month.

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Who Offers the Cheapest Unlimited Data Plan?
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Among the largest wireless carriers in the United States, only Sprint and T-Mobile offer unlimited data plans as of 2015. T-Mobile offers an unlimited data, talk and text plan for $50 per month; Sprint provides a plan with talk and text rolled into the cost at $60 per month. The offer of unlimited data is affected in all plans by several factors. For example, many plans begin throttling data download speeds at as little as 1 gigabyte per month, which means that the data speeds are reduced once the user consumes a certain amount of data.

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