How Do You Obtain Free Virgin Mobile Top-up Cards?


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Virgin Mobile does not offer free top-up cards, as they are the primary source for purchasing airtime minutes on its prepaid mobile phones. The company warns that websites claiming to offer free cards may be part of a scam. The cards are available for purchase officially through VirginMobileUSA.com, as well as retail and auction sites, such as Amazon.com, Walmart.com and eBay.com at varying prices, as of 2015.

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The Virgin Mobile prepaid cellphone system allows users to purchase top-up cards at any point to add additional money to an active account for use in voice calls or other actions not covered by an unlimited plan. After purchasing a card, customers need to access the Top-Up page of VirginMobileUSA.com to add the value to the account, which involves entering the account phone number and the PIN that appears on the card. In some instances, a card may include a special promotional code to add additional value to the account at no extra charge.

Each card has a set value and typically costs the same price as the value that it adds to the account. Some retailers may occasionally offer discounts on the cards and sell them below the face value. According to Virgin Mobile, customers should avoid purchasing cards from unauthorized resellers in order to avoid potentially purchasing a card that no longer has a value. Customer should also refrain from sharing any personal or account information with a site that claims to offer free top-up cards, as they are likely phishing scams.

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