How Do You Obtain Songs for an MP3 Player?

Obtain songs for an MP3 player by purchasing them through an online music store, such as Apple iTunes, Amazon Digital Music or Google Play Music, as of 2015. You can also download songs from online streaming sites such as and add them to the MP3 player.

The most direct way to get songs for an MP3 player is to purchase them through a Web store or program, as these platforms let you immediately download songs and upload them to your player. Apple iTunes allows you to buy songs online or through the iTunes Store section of the computer program, though you do not need an Apple MP3 player to play the songs. Other services, such as Amazon Digital Music, sell individual songs or full albums as MP3 downloads.

Another way to obtain music for an MP3 player is to find streaming music-sharing sites that offer downloads., for example, lets artists publish music and make songs available for download. In some cases, the artist can link to an external site which houses the free download. Additionally, you can use a program such as iTunes or Windows Media Center to rip a CD to your computer and put the songs on an MP3 player.