How Do You Obtain Free IPads for Schools?

The most common way to get free iPads for schools is through grant programs as of 2015. A variety of technology grant opportunities are available, including the U.S. government's ConnectED program, privately funded nonprofit organizations and direct fundraising programs.

The Apple company sees the right to technology as fundamental to a student's success. As a result, they have partnered with President Obama's ConnectED program. As of 2015, this program led Apple to supply 114 schools with free technology in the classroom. The ConnectED program offers schools the funding needed to get this technology and provides both educators and students the training needed to utilize the technology effectively.

Several nonprofit organizations also accept grant applications for bringing iPads to schools. These include the Technology Donors Program, Computers For Learning and Digital Wish Grants. Each organization has its own guidelines for the grant application. Successfully awarded proposals identify a specific need that the requested technology clearly fulfills.

Another opportunity for schools to get free iPads involves direct fundraising. The Funding Factory allows schools and other nonprofit organizations to raise money through the donation of printer cartridges and other electronic devices. Once these items are submitted to the company and recycled, the fundraisers receive points that can be redeemed for technology.