How Do You Obtain a Google Voice Number?


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To get a Google Voice number, navigate to Google Voice, agree to the terms of service, choose whether to get a new number or use an existing mobile number, and enter a forwarding number and phone type. Click the Call Me Now button to initiate a call to the forwarding phone number, answer the call, enter the code on the screen, and hang up. Search for an available number using an area code or ZIP code, and choose a number.

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Google Voice is only available to subscribers in the United States. A subscriber must verify an existing U.S. phone number to get a Google Voice number. The subscriber must also have an existing Google account.

A Google Voice user can opt to use an existing mobile phone number to enjoy the full benefits of Google Voice, including one number that rings all of the subscriber's phones, so the subscriber can pick up calls from any phone connected to his Google Voice account. Other features include access to online voicemail with transcriptions sent to the subscriber via text or email, call blocking, and the ability to create custom greetings for family, friends or associates. Call screening, international dialing, sharing voicemails and conference calling are additional Google Voice features.

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