What Does the Notice of Confidentiality Mean on the Disney Hub Login Portal?


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The Notice of Confidentiality on the Disney Hub log-in portal ensures that any information contained within the website remains there and, by law, may not be disclosed anywhere else. This notice also lets people know that if they are not the intended recipient or deliverer of the information shared on the Hub, they are not allowed to reveal, copy or distribute it in any way.

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The Notice of Confidentiality on the Disney Hub log-in portal describes how any information shared on the website is under the domain of The Walt Disney Company and is intended solely for whom it is addressed to, whether it is an individual or an entity. The notice also states that the information contained within the website is private and protected by law from being disclosed anywhere else.

The second half of this notice declares that if anyone comes across this information who is not its intended recipient, or the agent responsible for delivering the information to said recipient, they are banned from disseminating, copying or distributing it.

The purpose of this Notice of Confidentiality is to ensure the safety and privacy of those who have Hub accounts. Due to the presence of the notice, they can be confident that whatever information they share on the website remains there, and, if it doesn't, that there will be consequences for whoever was responsible for the breach due to privacy laws.

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