What Is Norton Safe Search?

Norton Safe Search is a security feature of Norton Safe Web. It is a custom Web search environment that automatically filters unsafe sites from search results and displays warning pages when users attempt to visit an unsafe site.

Norton Safe Search is bundled with Norton 360 and Norton Internet Security in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Germany. This safe search software provides the features of Norton Safe Web, including visual security ratings of search results and screening e-commerce sites, but it also has additional features. The unique features of Norton Safe Search are the ability to automatically filter out search results that are considered unsafe and the insertion of an interstitial warning page if the user attempts to click on an unsafe search result.

Norton Safe Search functionality can be toggled on and off via the Norton Toolbar, but once it is installed, the base security features of Safe Web still runs in the background even if it is toggled off. It is important to note that paid sponsors of Norton do not have their search results removed even if they are labeled as unsafe. The search engine used in this safe search is powered by Ask, and cookies from their site are required for the search feature to function.