What Are Some Nice Romantic Love Text Messages?

Nice, romantic text messages for a romantic interest typically focus on the nature of love, the specific relationship between two people, metaphors to describe love's intensity, and how beautiful the other person is. Some partners may prefer original poems or quotations from famous love poets such as Shakespeare.

Some romantic texts are time-dependent, such as ones sent in the morning telling the other person they make it worthwhile to wake up. Similarly, a person may tell his lover how he spent the previous night thinking of all of the reasons why he loves her.

Other romantic texts may focus on love itself. This includes messages from a person telling his partner that he did not really know what love was until he met her and he never intends to stop loving her. A similar romantic text involves telling a partner that his love for her is never going to end, his heart is never going to break and his smile is never going to fade.

A few partners prefer metaphors to describe their love. These include telling a lover she is his soul, his breath and the reason he is alive. A more basic metaphor is for him to reassure the lover she is what his life revolves around.

Finally, some lovers use romantic texts to focus on the beauty of their partners. This includes him saying he is enthralled by her beauty and spellbound by his love for her.