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The Nextdoor social network is an online service that allows members of a community to connect online and form private groups to develop relationships and improve the security of the neighborhood. As of 2015, Nextdoor had a network of more than 53,000 micro-communities across the United States. Unlike other social media services, Nextdoor only allows people who live in close proximity to one another to connect by requiring each member to verify his identity and exact location.

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Nextdoor was originally founded by Nirav Tolia in 2010, and the company grew to more than 100 employees within its first five years. The company is based in San Francisco, California.

The Nextdoor social network is an innovative collaborative service that is intended to strengthen communities and build relationships within the neighborhood. As of 2016, however, the most successful aspect and frequent use of Nextdoor is the recommendation of services to neighbors. By one estimate, somewhere around 80 percent of the discussions on Nextdoor's chat boards are related to the quality of local businesses and providers of services.

One additional aspect of the social network that has been successful is the collaboration with local government. As of 2016, Nextdoor has built relationships with approximately 650 local agencies that utilize the tool to send notifications of events such as utility shutdowns, power outages or criminal activity to residents of specific areas.

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