What New Shows Are in the SuddenLink Channel Lineup in 2015?

What New Shows Are in the SuddenLink Channel Lineup in 2015?

"Mr. Robot," "Humans" and "Public Morals" are some new shows that are potentially in the SuddenLink channel lineup in 2015. SuddenLink Communications is a cable broadband service and does not create original programming, so it broadcasts whatever new shows each network in its channel lineup plans to introduce.

Specific breakdowns of channel lineups by ZIP code are available at SuddenLink.com, under Television and TV Lineup. Channel lineups typically differ from one ZIP code to the next, so not every city has the same shows. A channel lineup for a few cities in Arkansas, such as Russellville, London and Pottsville, includes the networks USA, AMC and TNT.

"Mr. Robot" is a USA production, whereas AMC and TNT are the networks behind "Humans" and "Public Morals." In several cities in Arkansas, these networks are on channels 28, 1 and 35, respectively. In Amarillo, Texas, these same networks are on channels 25, 38 and 42, respectively.

SuddenLink also offers HD versions of each channel and HD on demand. Its HD DVR powered by TiVo lets customers record their favorite HD shows and play them back at any time on any HD television or mobile device within the same household.

SuddenLink customers can also access new shows on Netflix, which does create its own original programming, as of 2015. Customers can Tivo original Netflix programming or stream Netflix.