How Do I Network Two XP Computers Together?

How Do I Network Two XP Computers Together?

To network two XP computers together, you need to ensure that both computers are located on the same domain or work group first. Complete the remainder of the connection process by enabling file sharing between the two computers.

  1. Get both computers on the same domain

    Double-click My Computer on the desktop, and select Properties, then select Computer Name. Do this for both computers. If both computers are on the same work group or domain, do nothing in this step. If they are different, select the work group or domain button on one of the computers, and type the name of the work group or domain that matches the work group or domain on the other computer.

  2. Locate a folder to share

    Right-click on the folder that you want to share and select Properties. Then, click the Sharing tab.

  3. Enable file sharing

    Select Just Enable File Sharing when the warning dialog box appears. Do not select Use the Wizard to Enable File Sharing.

  4. Share the folder

    Locate the Share This Folder on the Network check box, and click it.

  5. Go to My Network Places

    Locate My Network Places in the My Computer section of the other computer, and click.

  6. View work group computers

    Click the View Work Group Computers link. Then, double-click on the icon of the computer on which you set up the shared folder. The shared folder is visible after you click on the icon.