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Founded in 1979, Network Solutions, LLC, is a technology company that registers Internet domain names and builds websites, e-commerce, hosting and SSL, professional email and online marketing solutions and strategies. Network Solutions is part of Web.com, an online services provider for small business.

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Network Solutions is most famous for its pioneering work in developing the domain name server, or DNS, registration. Network Solutions first assigned domain names as a sub-contractor with the United States Defense Information Agency in 1991, giving out free names in the .com, .org, .mil, .gov, .edu and .net domains as well as free Internet Protocol address blocks. In 1992, Network Solutions obtained a grant from the National Science Foundation to continuing developing the DNS registration service for the Internet. In 1993, Networks Solutions contract with the NSF to register Top Level Domain names in the .com, .net and .org domains became exclusive. In 1995, the NSF granted Network Solutions the authority to charge for registering domain names.

Today, in addition to registering domain names, Network Solutions works with businesses to build websites, online stores and other e-commerce outlets. They also contract to handle marketing, helping businesspeople establish an online presence by tailoring content for their markets and increasing traffic to their websites.

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