How Do You Find Your Network's WEP Encryption Key?


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To find your WEP encryption key, access your router using a Web browser. Many routers have an IP address of and are accessible at Enter your user name and password into the prompt that appears to access your router and view or change the WEP key. If you have not set a new name or password, many routers default to a user name of "admin" and a password of either "admin" or "password." Some have no password.

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If you cannot access your router at, check the bottom of your router and any other documentation for a default IP address or access URL. The IP address may also appear on your Internet provider's Web page.

If you haven't set a user name and password yet and can't find the default, search for your router model at routerPasswords.com. If you have set a password but don't remember it, perform a hard reset of the router to restore the default password. This also resets all of the router's settings to their factory defaults. To perform a hard reset, press the small reset button on your router and hold it down for at least 15 seconds. The router restarts and allows you to enter a new user name and password.

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