What Is a Network Mapper?


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A network mapper is a computer software program that automatically scans and maps the layout of devices that are on a network. These devices include computers, tablets, phones, printers, routers, switches and other networked devices. A map created by mapping network software is used for different activities, such as troubleshooting network issues or seeing what devices are connected to a network.

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What Is a Network Mapper?
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When a network map is created, it identifies all devices connected to the network. Some devices may not register with the software if they are powered off, though. Network maps that are made and updated periodically can assist network engineers with troubleshooting issues that arise. These problems may range from something as simple as a computer being offline to as serious as a server failing due to a hardware problem.

If a rogue device is attached to a network, a network mapper can scan and detect this device, helping engineers remove it before it causes damage to other devices on the network. If there is a problem with a network cable or networking device, a network map can find precisely where this problem is occurring. No matter what problem a network mapper helps to solve, it almost always does so by saving time and effort in diagnosing the problem.

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