How Do Net10 Prepaid Cellphones Work?


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Net10 prepaid cellphone plans offer unlimited talk and text and varying tiers of high-speed data access, depending on the price of the plan. Other plans that include a certain number of minutes per month or international calling are available as well.

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As of April 2015, the basic monthly Unlimited plans offered through Net10 provide unlimited calling and text and no data for $35 a month. High-speed data is available in 500-megabyte and 3-, 3.5- and 5-gigabyte tiers that cost $40, $50, $60 and $75, respectively. Customers who sign up for Net10's auto-refill billing receive benefits in certain tiers, including an extra 250 megabytes of high-speed data at the $40 tier, a $5 discount at the $50 tier and 1 additional gigabyte of high-speed data at the $60 and $75 tiers.

Unlimited plans do not feature international calling. Net10's basic Unlimited International plans offer unlimited international calling and texting as well as 3 gigabytes of high-speed data for $65 per month. Customers who sign up for auto-refill receive a $5 discount. Per-minute international calling plans begin at $25 for 1,000 minutes but do not feature high-speed data. More expensive plans feature fewer minutes but carry over those minutes to the next billing cycle.

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