What Are the Negative Effects of Technological Education?

Heavily incorporating technology into classroom teaching methods encroaches upon valuable classroom time when teachers are forced to teach certain children how to use computers before lessons can advance, notes Julia Klaus from Synonym. It can hinder the quality of children's learning, as many students are taught better through interactions with teachers and hands-on projects. Students can easily become distracted by technology and fail to remain on task with their assignments.

As Alice Martin from Edudemic explains, the overuse of technology in general is causing children to become somewhat addicted to the instant gratification that gaming and online social interaction provide, causing kids to lose their tempers when they are pulled away from their computers. The way that children communicate with one another through social media is its own abbreviated sublanguage that can cause kids to neglect the importance of proper writing and grammar skills. The younger generation is accustomed to receiving information at lightning speed, and Martin believes this dependence upon technology is corrupting children's ability to exhibit patience and perseverance in situations where they do not immediately get what they want. Excessive technology use is also breeding unhealthy habits in children who do not forgo the use of gaming consoles and computers to engage in physical activities, sports and exercise.