What Are the Negative Effects of Cellphones?

Cellphones have negative effects on both social life and health. Texting is the main offender for negative social effects, interrupting conversations and reducing the texter's ability to communicate verbally. Phones introduce users to more bacteria, and regular texting, gaming and Internet surfing on phones result in thumb strain.

Regular use of phones puts thumbs at risk, causing repetitive stress injuries and blisters in the worst offenders. Repetitive stress injuries can seriously damage the ability of the thumb to function normally. Phones harbor a lot of bacteria due to being carried around to so many places, and the close proximity to the face increases the user's risk of infection. Cellphones are often used in the car, which has the potential to cause deadly car wrecks.

Cellphones are common among nearly all social groups, and interrupting a conversation to play with a phone or respond to a text message is a shift toward rudeness and away from the tradition of a conversation getting the full attention of the participants. Phones are sometimes considered a barrier to real, face-to-face conversation, impacting users' communication skills.