Why Do You Need to Run Java on Some Websites?


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While it is not mandatory to use Java on any website, some websites use Java to handle certain actions, such as completing forms, interacting with a database or providing special content. In most cases, it is possible to disable the Java browser plug-in without significantly affecting site functionality.

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Java is an object-oriented programming language that mirrors the syntax and functionality of the C++ language, but with a simplified structure and the ability to function within a Web browser as well as in a stand-alone environment. Some developers and designers use Java to achieve different visual effects, perform complex site actions or to create special games or applications that exist within the browser. In order to operate content built with Java or using Java functionality, you need to install the Java runtime application so that the computer can process the commands.

The Java runtime also includes a browser plug-in, which acts as the communication tool between the Java application on the computer and the code on the site. However, the Java plug-in presents various security risks and may also impair the computer's performance. It is possible to disable the plug-in from the settings of different browsers, which stops all Java functionality on sites without stopping other processes or blocking access to the site overall. Disabling the plug-in allows users to quickly regain access if it is necessary rather than downloading the program all over again.

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