What Do I Need in Order to Have a Good Gaming Computer?


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A good gaming computer needs dedicated hardware components that meet the requirements of video games. Gaming computers also need specialized keyboards, mice and audio and communications equipment to enhance the gaming experience. Setting a higher budget allow for purchasing a gaming computer with more powerful components.

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The graphics card, system memory and processor are the essential components of a gaming computer. A high-end video or graphics card enables advanced settings, such as anti-aliasing, stereoscopic 3-D, multi-monitor support and higher screen resolutions. Though the video card does most of the video calculations, a gaming computer still needs a good processor to handle other processing tasks. A high system memory or RAM allows the computer to ready more data for processing. With the right hardware combination, a good gaming computer can play video games at decent visual settings without compromising performance.

A gaming computer gets hot when playing intensive video games and requires a cooling system to prevent overheating. It must have a large storage to accommodate modern games with large file sizes. Solid-state drives are better for gaming than hard disk drives, because they load data into the system memory faster. Gaming keyboards and mice offer features that benefit gamers, such as programmable keys and buttons, backlighting, anti-ghosting and ergonomic design for gaming marathons.

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