What Are Some Neat Features of Aruba Webcams?


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There are dozens of webcams at Aruban resorts and beaches that provide an Internet user with an opportunity to view beaches, hotels, restaurants and events. Many of the webcams feature panoramic views that are available to viewers 24 hours a day.

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Two websites that provide links to an assortment of Aruba's resort webcams are Arubawebcams.tv and Arubatourism.com. Resorts have links to their webcams on their own websites as well, but those two websites contain collections of the camera feeds and are thus a popular way for prospective visitors to the island to select accommodations and plan their visits. Since the websites are popular with tourists, they include links to and reviews of Aruba's hotels, resorts and restaurants as well as travel information, such as airfare and cruise ship reservations.

Some of Aruba's webcam feeds feature still images updated at regular intervals (usually between two and 10 minutes), while others stream live video. Some broadcast 24 hours a day, and others operate at specified times, such as 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Aruba time, since the images are not always as well-defined after dark.

Port Aruba broadcasts unique webcam footage of maritime traffic from Oranjestad, the island's commerce center. Along with aircraft and merchant and fishing vessels, the camera captures luxury cruise liners approaching, docking and departing. The port authority publishes a schedule online for travelers who wish to view videos of their ships of interest arriving.

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