How Do You Navigate the Interval International Website?

How Do You Navigate the Interval International Website?

In order to navigate the Interval International website, use the links provided throughout the Web pages. Interval International is a membership-oriented company that focuses on building relationships with vacation owners from around the world and allowing them the opportunity to swap with one another.

The following instructions explain how to surf the Interval International website.

  1. Become familiar with the menu bar
  2. The main menu bar located at the top of the screen has links that direct the user to the main sections of the website. Scroll through each link and become familiar with each topic.

  3. Visit the About Us page
  4. The About Us page explains what Interval International is and does. It will also contain helpful information for new users.

  5. Use the Explore & Plan tab
  6. The Explore & Plan tab displays a page filled with summaries of the membership benefits available from Interval International. Click through each link to find out more information about each topic.

  7. Explore the Membership Benefits
  8. From there, click on the Membership Benefits link. This tab explains what amenities and features come with membership.

  9. Decide whether or not to join
  10. Full access to the website is only available to those who choose to join. Users who want to join Interval International can fill out the necessary information required for membership.