How Do You Navigate the Android Market Place App?

How Do You Navigate the Android Market Place App?

Android device users can find applications, games, music, movies and books on the Google Play store by either using the search function or browsing the different categories listed in the digital distribution platform. After selecting an app, users can review additional information about it before committing to the installation.

When using Google Play for the first time, the platform prompts users to log into their Google account and accept its usage terms and conditions. After successfully logging in, and on subsequent uses of the platform, users are presented with the Google Play home screen, which features offerings that are currently popular with other Google Play users.

The home screen presents users with a number of categories. Clicking on a category takes users to a section where they can browse the different apps, games, music, movies or books available under that category. Some categories are further subdivided into subcategories to help users locate specific product types.

Users can use the search bar at the top of the Google Play app to look for a specific product. After entering a query for a certain keyword, users are presented with a selection of offerings relevant to that keyword.

Selecting a product opens a page that lists detailed information about it. Users can use the information available on this page to decide whether or not a particular product fits their needs. Tapping the Install or Download button in this page loads the chosen product onto the user's device.